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Security Checklist For Your New Home

Choosing the correct security system for your home is an important matter. Let us advise you which system is best to protect the people and possessions you value the most. We have a wide range of options available that have advanced technology and superior performance. There is more to consider when choosing a system then just a burglar alarm. Other options we can advise you on are fire safety, nurse call systems, CCTV (close circuit television), key-ring remotes, panic buttons, video door phones, pet friendly sensor detectors, extra sensors, trained servicing and professional monitoring. 


If you are building a new home, talk to us about your needs. We can design a bespoke security system and create access control points for you straight from your building plans, allowing you to have the best system possible, specifically tailored to your build and home requirements.


Had an extension fitted to your property? You can have panic buttons, extra sensors, keypads and sirens fitted to your extension, so that you can fully protect all areas of your home or property.


Smoke detectors are an essential part of every alarm and can easily be added to any security system. When triggered, the external and internal sirens will go off, easily waking everyone in the household. Our fire alarm installations have a different sound from the burglar alarm, so you will know immediately that there is a fire in the house and be able to get to safety. If you have the added protection of having your alarm is monitored, it will also send a fire signal to the monitoring station, so that they can respond and send the appropriate fire services to you immediately, plus the smoke detector works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when your security alarm is not set.
Smoke Detector


We have a variety of keypads that we can utilise to customise your security and alarm system completely; and ensure it easily matches the look and feel of your home or business premises. Some of the keypad options we have available are:

  • Standard Keypad Horizontal
  • Standard Keypad Vertical
  • Standard Sensor


Are you tired of having to put your code in every time you use your alarm system? You can add remotes to your alarm so you can set and unset it with a fob on your keyring! At one touch of a button, you can perform actions such as arming, disarming, activating lights and garage doors and much more to protect your home, family and pets. The remote also doubles as a beneficial panic button; leave the remote by your bed at night, or carry it around the house and garden in your pocket and at one press of the button, the siren will be activated. If you have the added protection of having your alarm system monitored, then this will automatically alert the security firm to send assistance. We can also program the same remote to open your automatic garage door or gate, meaning you will only need one small remote to control your alarms, doors, gates and security system, allowing for simple streamlined usage.


Digital detection is the most reliable protection found in the modern security market. Are you constantly looking under the bed for the cat or behind the sofa for the dog so you can put them outside before setting your alarm? If so, talk to us about pet friendly detectors which can be added to your system; this advanced technology helps to prevent false alarms generated by your pets, completely ignoring animals in the protected area, while still providing superior security protection against intruders.


There are many different detection devices available that you need to consider when setting up a new system or reviewing your present system to suit your daily requirements. We have a selection of detection sensor devices available including; standard passive infrared detectors, pet friendly sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and vibration sensors. For those who do not set their alarms at night, but still feel a need for added security, reed switches on doors and windows are an ideal option; as if your doors or windows are opened or tampered with, this will automatically set off the alarm, even if the alarm is not set


Increase your security and the ability to screen visitors or asses intruders by installing a Video Door Phone to see who is there before you interact with them. As soon as you pick up the phone, a picture will come up on the screen of whomever is at the door; and a special intercom system allows you to converse with them. A video door phone is a great way to admit access via your driveway gate; or to check any strange noises at your door without going outside to investigate.