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Not only do we install new Arrowhead alarm systems, we also provide regular/annual servicing, emergency repairs, upgrades/additions and more for both homes and businesses on all Arrowhead Elite, and Crow Powerwave eight Alarm systems.

Innovative Hikvision CCTV Technology

Hikvision’s range of CCTV equipment caters to your every need, from a small simple 2 TB home security CCTV system you can view on your smartphone, to massive network systems. These are produced in both analogue and digital IP format.

IP systems are the way of the future. IP cameras have a larger viewing area which means less cameras are needed and IP picture quality both day and night is vastly superior. This improved picture quality means viewing current or past camera activities on the small screen of a smartphone are clearly identifiable.

Quality CCTV Solution

Hikvision’s attention to manufacturing quality, their focus on being user friendly and keeping true to their trademark, “Crystal clear” picture quality has made them a very successful brand. Due to these qualities, sale volumes have soared around the world so we all enjoy the advantages of volume production price economies. As a result, Hikvision’s competitive pricing and quality is unmatched.

With the largest R&D team in the industry and capability of continuous innovation, there products are used in more than 100 countries and have been used to secure various security applications around the world.