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PARADOX can have both wired and wireless components working on the one system. For many this means they can reuse any existing wiring whilst also having the flexibility – if cabling is not practical, to add additional sensors or smoke detectors wirelessly to the new control box.

Remote Control Key Fobs

Paradox alarm wireless hand remote controllers have extensive range, which means you can conveniently open the electric gate and garage door and switch off the alarm from your car coming along the drive using just one remote.

Touch Screen and Mobile Phone Connectivity

PARADOX offer the very latest in technology with touch screen code pads and smartphone connectivity, being able to control your alarm system with push notifications using the Paradox Insite Gold App.  

Common Paradox Models that we can service and repair are :

  • Paradox Esprit 727, Paradox Esprit 728.
  • Paradox Spectra 1728, Paradox Spectra 1759.
  • Paradox Spectra E55, Paradox Spectra SP 5500
  • Paradox Magellan MG 5050
  • Paradox Digiplex.