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Not only do we install new Arrowhead alarm systems, we also provide regular/annual servicing, emergency repairs, upgrades/additions and more for both homes and businesses on all Arrowhead Elite, and Crow Powerwave eight Alarm systems.

Common Micron Alarm Models that we can service and repair are :

  • Micron Scorpion, Micron 6 Pac, Micron Lynx and Micron Traxx. 
  • Micron Scorpion Z6L
  • Micron Scorpion Z4120C
  • Micron Scorpion Z6020C
  • Micron Scorpion Z8020C
  • Micron Scorpion Z16040C.

If you have a Micron alarm at your place that needs a repair or servicing, then contact us