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Security System Installs Auckland

Security System Installations Bespoke to your Premises

When you work with the Kiwi Alarms team you're guaranteed to get a security system to address and solve your security concerns. By using a combination of alarms, monitoring, motion sensors, system modems, sirens and a team of experienced, trained operators at our central monitoring station - Your in good hands.

With a detailed alarm and security system focus, you’ll increase your personal or professional security and make it VERY difficult for intruders!

Give an Intruder NO Chance!

When you leave your home or business, not only are you leaving behind electronic items, jewellery, antiques and sensitive information; but also personal items which no insurance could ever compensate you for!

The benefits of installing internal and external sirens linked to your monitored alarm and security system are numerous; but perhaps the most important aspect of this is that with an internal siren deafening the intruder inside; and with an external siren alerting neighbours and authorities outside, you reduce the amount of time the intruder has to commit theft of your possessions, not to mention any damage they may decide to inflict on your property.

Get Your Auckland Security System Installed by the Experts

As soon as an intruder enters the protected area, sirens on the inside and outside are activated. All our alarm systems have built-in modems which can be monitored through to a monitoring station, or can dial direct to your mobile phone to alert you of a security breach.

Speak to us about the variety of security solutions we have available for anything you want to protect, including your boat, caravan, shed, garage, storage shipping containers and more.